Special Posts

Special Posts
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  1. You just must add Martina Mcbride. Acapella version of "Oh Holy Night".....voice of an Angel for sure!

  2. You must add Connie Talbot - with Inner Beauty or Mr Blue Sky - she is so an a amasing singer - Angel voice - simply amazing!!

  3. Hi please add Leona Lewis in the singer of the power ballad Bleeding Love often compared to Mariah and check her debut album spirit!

  4. can you please do the vocal profile of Jessie J?

  5. Should look into a Chinese singer called Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei (G.E.M), she is coming to America this year and soon will be releasing her first English song. She can easily match Ariana Grande on vocal range, with a strong belting technique and she can hit 35 seconds for the longest note in her concert performance.

  6. Some of Gloria Tang's songs
    longest note
    XXX. live 2015 in Beijing (Full concert)

  7. Please do Axl Rose. I heard that he has a larger vocal range than Mariah Carey. For songs, add Welcome to the Jungle, Don't Cry, November Rain, Sweet Child O Mine, and There was A Time ( he hits a F#1 in that song.)

  8. Do a review of ZAYN iT's YoU

  9. How is Anastacia not on here?

  10. I think Anastacia is extremely talented and has a unique voice.She deserves a special place here.

  11. Add other members of One Direction. Niall and Liam should be there and don't care what raiting it will

  12. Lauryn Hill needs to be here

  13. Please do a vocal profile for lisa fischer, shes an exceptional vocalist. I have some YouTube links

  14. Pleaseee do a review of Ariana Grande's new album, Dangerous Woman!:) I love this site, have frequented it for years, and have read everything on all my favorite artists. I only wish you'd post more often. Great work, keep it up. :)

  15. It would be so interesting to see a vocal profile of Zooey Deschanel.
    I think her voice has grown in interesting ways throughout all of She and Him's albums.

    Another great great vocalist not yet featured is Jenny Lewis and she has a giant body of work to choose from.

  16. Can you update Demi vs Ariana section? Demi has now 4 octaves

  17. Mitch Gramme from Pentatonix. CHER, Madonna

  18. Hi please add vocal profiles of Adam Lambert, Freddie Mercury and upcoming Kazakstan singer in Singer 2017, Dimash Kudaibergen. Thank you.

  19. Please add vocal profiles of Perrie Edwards, Zara Larsson and Amber Riley

  20. Please delete this entire page, as it is incredibly inaccurate and biased. The people in charge also don't give credit or update as needed, so you only end up informing stupid people on stupid things, and hurting stars.

  21. PLEASE, add the vocal range of MINA MAZZINI.