Sunday, April 24, 2016

Announcement: Change in Vocal Ratings

After nearly four years, vocal profiles will now be graded by three different ratings as opposed to one: a Critic's rating, a Public's rating, and an overall rating. This breakdown will (hopefully) illustrate how each vocalist is given their respective ratings. In addition, there will now be +/- grades in vocal ratings, to create more accuracy as the list of profiles continue to grow.

Before these ratings are implemented, there will be a one week period where you, the viewers, will be able to leave comments and feedback on this list, so that if there's overwhelming disagreement with any of these ratings, appropriate changes may be made.

As always, please be respectful with your comments, with evidence for your comments being greatly appreciated. You also reach Critic of Music on Twitter at @CriticOfMusic.

The tentative ratings for each category can be found below.