Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vocal Range and Profile: Harry Styles (One Direction)

Vocal Range: A2 - A4 - Eb5 
Vocal Type: Baritone (2 octaves, 4 notes)
Vocal Rating: B-List

Positives: A darker voice than most of his band mates. A moderately heavy voice coupled with distinctive vocal styling which comes with vocal drives and a slight edge. Usually opts for a soft head voice as opposed to a lighter falsetto. In contrast, Styles has a dark and husky lower register down to B2. Good rolling vibrato.

Negatives: Most belts are tense and pushed. Signs of damage and subpar technique show in belts starting at F#4. The lower register loses considerable resonance below D3.

B2 - A4 - Eb5 (An A2 is found in "Over Again")

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Single and Music Video Review: Rihanna - American Oxygen

Rihanna has long been accused by YouTube commenters as being one of the leading figures in the stereotype that pop stars are generic label-directed puppets. With the American Oxygen, Rihanna has finally spoken up, and seamlessly and effortlessly delivered the most artistically genuine piece of work she has ever made. Not only does she look beautiful, but she made a beautiful statement and body of work.

The Stay hitmaker takes shots at American society and how it proclaims greatness atop a history of destruction and oppression. With scenes from the death of Martin Luther King Jr., to 9/11, the Occupy Wall Street protests and Hurricane Katrina, Rihanna shows the despair and cruelties that are swept under the rug for the advancements of patriotism. As a non-American herself, her view as an outsider that has become a staple of American pop culture makes her points seem even more valid.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Vocal Range and Profile: Zayn Malik (Formerly of One Direction)

Vocal Range: G2 - Eb5 - A5
Vocal Type: Lyric Tenor (3 octaves)
Vocal Rating: A-List

Positives: A voice that has distinctive tone and texture that can separate him from his (former) band members. A smokey texture is present throughout the voice, especially in the middle register. Good phrasing shows greater knowledge of musical ideas and phrase's context within songs. Able to execute melisma quickly, demonstrating control of his passagio. Good dynamic diversity as well.

His lower register though easily the weakest part of his range, is well supported, sounding dark and healthy down to Bb2. His mid-register gains a smokier texture as he ascends, brightening significantly, and showing off his vocal colors more so than other areas. His upper chest voice has been developing a more even mix, showing openness up to B4. Malik can stay in the Tenor tessitura consistently, showing off his incredible ease (Pillowtalk).

A beautiful falsetto with the ability to seamlessly transition from chest to head voice (see You and I). A light vibrato can be heard in this register as well. Malik can project in this register excellently without strain (BeFour and She). 

Negatives: Upper chest notes can sound tense as his mixed voice hasn't fully developed yet, struggling more with closed syllables. His throat and jaw have shown extreme tension while singing. Most notes lack vibrato, or the vibrato is very subtle. His diction has also been unpolished and awkward. Melismas may not be clear.


G2 - C5 - G#5

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