Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Live Review: Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Last week, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande performed for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, and yesterday we got to see these performances for the first time. Taylor rolled out Blank Space and (1989's best track) Style, while Ariana Grande took the liberty to do a 5 minute long greatest hits medley. How did they fare?

Taylor's performance notably benefitted from two things: playback and voice processing. Over the past week it's obvious that some voice processing was used on her voice, creating an ever so slightly noticeable metallic twang to her voice. The playback also undoubtedly helped her stay on pitch and cover her voice at points, like Blank Space's chorus. She also had some throaty strain on some of the higher portions that signaled distress. That being said, one can't deny that what Taylor doesn't bring to the table in vocals, she makes up for with performing.