Sunday, September 28, 2014

Live Review: Ariana Grande @ SNL (Saturday Night Live)

Amidst a handful of rumors that Ari has been displaying questionable bratty behavior, Ariana Grande took the stage at SNL, and would hopefully prove that her talent justified some demands. The results are mixed.

Ariana has been widely hailed as the new Mariah, but last night's performance was anything but on that level. It wasn't terrible - certainly Taylor Swift or Katy Perry would consider this one of their stronger nights - but Ariana wasn't nailing it by any means. It was rocky, at least Break Free was. Her ballad rendition of Break Free was overrun with, well runs, and the uptempo version was breathy and lacked projection. And that F5 started out fine, but it went uncomfortably flat at the end when she tried to put vibrato on it. Again, it wasn't awful, it just wasn't something you would expect from the vocal powerhouse, especially given how impressive her studio vocals were. And of course, the awkward pairing of cat ears and boots that went past her knees reappeared.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Does Demi Lovato Need to Give Her Voice a Break (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah)?

Pardon the pun, but does Demi need to give herself and her voice some rest? The past year and a half have been taking a toll on her vocally, from pitchy performances, to tonsils being removed and straight up unhealthy cracking, Demetria seems to have a real problem on her hands. She may be, yes, losing her voice.