Thursday, July 31, 2014

Single Review: Azealia Banks - Heavy Metal and Reflective

   Seriously? This is so badly produced I laughed. Who on earth let this not remain just a demo to be locked away for all eternity?

   This is just such a complete and utter mess. From the artwork, to Azealia's monotone robot voice, I found myself edging closer and closer to opening up my 4th floor window and just flinging myself out. Azealia just recently left Interscope records on her own accord, but I think Interscope is the real winner here. They managed to get away from the apparently talentless hot mess that is Ms. Banks. She may think that they don't deserve her because she may think she has talent, but they don't deserve to be burdened with her.

Single Review: Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

    What a shame that such a high profile collaboration that offers so much potential is wasted on such a disposable track.

    Jessie J enlisted rising star Ariana Grande and certified crossover Nicki Minaj to deliver some impressive bodies of individual work to a lackluster track. The chorus is weak and almost undefinable, the verses fail to compliment stellar vocals from J and Grande and Nicki is left fending for herself spitting out solid verses to a sparse production.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Album Review: La Roux - Trouble In Paradise

If this is "trouble in paradise," then someone needs to make Elly Jackson's paradise even worse. If a little trouble gives us an album this great, then we should see how much more La Roux has to offer.

La Roux's breakup album - the breakup between lead singer Elly Jackson and producer Ben Langmaid - strolls through the avenues of troubled bliss. Jackson doesn't sound as convicted as Hayley Williams did on Paramore's parallel breakup album last year, but Jackson manages to twist her and Langmaid's relationship into several perspectives. Elly gets on her knees for the slow burner Let Me Down Gently, while taking jabs in the seven-minute epic Silent Partner.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Live Review: Kiesza Pulls out All the Stops for Hideaway @ Letterman

As Kiesza begins her ascent up the Billboard charts, Kiesza gave her all on Letterman last night. Working the stage probably more than anyone before her, Kiesza delievered a rousing performance that left Letterman himself ecstatic.

Giving a throwback to the New York shot video, Kiesza enlisted the help of several dancers and a fire hydrant to help her with this performance. The one shot video now has a cousin in a one shot performance. Doing a pretty rigorous dance routine, Kiesza managed to keep her breaths steady - and though there were a couple flat notes - she kept her energy level up until the very end.