Saturday, March 22, 2014

Music Video Review: Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. (And Others)

It only took how many months after Applause, 6, 7? 7 months after the lead singles video, we get a new visual from Lady Gaga, and she made up for the time missed. What she gave the world was a 7 minute (11 minute including the credits) video that chronicles the ARTPOP era ths far. What superstar has commented on a current era of their music with a video from the era? It's quite the tactic.

The video starts off with men in suits fighting and punching each other while dollar bills fly through the air. This quite obviously symbolizes those in the music business that have used her for money, and they only run away once she is broken down and of no more use. As they leave, the camera pans down, while ARTPOP plays and we see Gaga laying face down in the grass, complete with wings and a fire nearby. She stands up, revealing an arrow that has pierced through her heart. The Gaga phoenix has been resurrected. She stumbles her way to the Hearst Castle, and collapses in front of it. Two men in black pick her up and carry her inside, with Gaga being held up in a cross like formation (already a religious reference!).

Monday, March 3, 2014

Live Review: P!nk - Over The Rainbow @ The 86th Academy Awards

Time and time again, P!nk has proven herself to be the most consistent and phenomenal awards show performer since… well ever. But her performance last night did not give the same 'WOW' factor as her past performances of Glitter in the Air and Try.

Now don't get upset, her performance was still good, maybe great, but when we're talking about P!nk, good doesn't cut it. If this was the Grammy's, it would've been forgettable, but because she only had to face Indina Menzel (who slaughtered Let It Go by rushing through it and belted a god awful final note), the performance stood out. Nothing was truly exceptional, but vice versa nothing was terrible. It was solid, which is boring.