Friday, February 28, 2014

Track By Track Album Review: Lea Michele - Louder

Lea Michele's debut album already has far more battle wounds to it than almost any other album imaginable. Her boyfriend, Corey Monteith passed away this past July, and the album's tracks already bare the scars Lea had to endure.

Cannonball: The album's drum lead lead single plays it very safe, it's in the same ballpark as Roar in terms of empowerment and sound. Except Cannonball doesn't offer any powerful roaring notes, something one would expect from Glee's powerhouse vocalist. While Lea sounds liberated, the song doesn't do anything to further that emotion. B-

On My Way: The 2nd title track doesn't bare any real correlation to Monteith ("I should stay away from you tonight"), and doesn't sound like it either. The production packs a lot into the 3 and a half minute track, Wrecking Ball's scarce synth plucks, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, and loaded with synths in the chorus. It seems very Top 40 ready, and is a great listen, but it's hard to picture someone like Demi Lovato not singing this song and being much more effective with it. B+

Burn With You: I've been ignoring most of the lyrics for the previous tracks because I believed they would get better, but this song brings mixed results lyrically. Lea first states "Even angels have their demons," which is an over done lyrical line. But then she proclaims: "But I don't wanna go to heaven / If you're going to hell / I will burn with you," which is pretty daring lyrically (and thematically). Is this song about Monteith? Does she believe he's going to Hell? One has to appreciate the risk she took here, but also slightly confused or concerned with it as well. B

Monday, February 24, 2014

Live Review: Christina Grimmie WRECKS Any Competition @ The Voice

Christina Grimmie has already been a regular on the site (1)(2), but she will soon become a regular on The Voice, and more than likely win. With her cover of Wrecking Ball, Christina mercilessly devastated her competition, showing she does have The Voice.

Christina has showed drastic, drastic improvement with this performance, showing off a gorgeous head voice, vocal agility, and 2 octaves with insane mixing power in just 90 seconds of vocal destruction. She stormed the stage from side to side, working the stage, her voice, and the audience. She's light years ahead of any competition at the moment, also being easily the most famous contestant ever on the show. With over 2,000,000 Facebook likes and YouTube subscribers, and over 375,000 Twitter followers, she already has a massive support system to push her to the top of the pack.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Live Review: Ellie Goulding - Burn @ The 2014 Brit Awards

Ellie Goulding graced the stage at the 2014 Brit Awards just hours ago, in one of her very scarce awards show performances. Did she deliver? The short answer: sort-of.

If you were to divide the performance up between her acoustic I Need Your Love and her intense drum filled Burn, then you would be given two great performances. However, when you try to do both and put a lackluster and awkward transition with no context between them, you're left bored for a few seconds, and thrown about. For a few seconds, it felt like a good time to take a bathroom break. And it's a shame, because those few seconds really did kill what became an incredible performance.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Live Review: Bruno Mars - Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show

It's that time of the year, time for one superstar performer to be in charge of entraining hundreds of millions of people across the globe for 12 minutes. Last year, the task fell to Beyoncé. This year, Bruno Mars was put in charge. With such a tough act to follow, did he live up to the expectations set before him? Let's find out.

Starting off with a choir of young children belting out his featured part on Billionaire (that belted out some glorious soprano notes), Bruno appeared in the center of the crowd on the field with just a drum set. The choir was a good choice, along with the epic prepare refrain, but the drumming? That hardly kept anyone's attention for 4.7 seconds. He was good, but it just wasn't flashy or epic.