Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Elly Jackson (La Roux)

Vocal Range: F3 - G5 - C6
Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano (2 octaves, 4 notes)
Vocal Rating: B-
Recommended Listenings: Bulletproof, Quicksand

Positives: An instantly identifiable voice. Elly never brings herself to force notes, with even her highest notes being achieved with ease. The low notes are thick and darker than the rest of the voice, and is achieved with good technique. Though her voice is generally airy and whispy, she has shown the ability to solidify her voice, see 'Bulletproof'.

Negatives: Vocal runs are messy and labored, and the voice overall is fairly thin, causing it to become shrill at points. Her mixed voice is very heady, making it hard to determine if she is singing in head voice or mixed voice.

Two C6's


Vocal Range and Profile: Carly Rae Jepsen

Vocal Range: D3 - F5 - D6
Vocal Fach: Soubrette (3 octaves)
Vocal Rating: C
Recommended Listenings: Your Heart Is A Muscle, Tonight I'm Getting Over You

Positives: A light, sweet and airy voice that's bright and youthful from top to bottom. Though far from an exceptional vocalist, Jepsen's voice displays positive traits.

Her lower register is light and airy, but often fits the style of her music and maintains pitch accuracy. Unfortunately, support is only present down to A3.

As she ascends her voice sheds some of the breathiness, becoming fuller with support being found consistently up to A4 and occasionally up to C5, while phrasing up to Eb5. In the fifth octave, her voice gains some push and rasp, a product of throatiness.

Her falsetto is light and bright, maintaining some stamina (When I Needed You), register transitions, and ease.

Negatives: The voice lacks resonance and the supported ranger is limited, while the lower register is foggy and breathy. Her belts are often throaty without breath support, and can waver in intonation. The girlish tone and rasp is also polarizing. 

D3 - F5 - D6

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Conor Maynard

Vocal Range: G#2 - Bb4 - G#5
Vocal Type: Lyric Tenor (3 Octaves)
Vocal Rating: C
Recommended Listenings: Pictures, Better Than You

Positives: A soft lyric voice capable of fast, simple vocal runs, with a well connected voice. The low notes are dark and heavy, while the falsetto is light and piercing. The head voice is thicker and controlled so that it avoids feminine qualities. Seamless transitions from chest to head voice.

Negatives: The voice lacks power, and time in falsetto is very limited.

G#5 at 0:29

The A2 in the video is actually a G#2.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Ariana Grande

Range: D3 - B5 - E7

Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano (4 octaves and a note)
Vocal Rating: B-
Recommended Listenings: Emotions, The Way

Positives: A vocal actress, being able to mimic the tones and voices of Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion.

Her lower register, though often weak and inconsistent (due to her high tessitura and breath support issues), is relatively strong for a soprano, supporting down to F#3 and extending to D3.

Her belts are achieved through mixing, having stretched up to Bb5's successfully; Grande also has no issue staying in the soprano tessitura for extended periods of time (see live performances of Break Free, Dangerous Woman and Focus). Her belting register as a whole is extensive and reaches up to an impressive B5. Capable of complex, fast melismas (see Hands on Me and Problem). A rolling vibrato can be heard in belts up to G#5 and as low as Bb3.

Her falsetto is light and sweet and is also where the voice finds its 'ring,' being bright and healthy up to Eb6. 

The whistle register is piercing, and the whistles don't have disconnected tones attached to them (polyphonic tones). She is able to sing vocal runs in this register (See Emotions).

Negatives: The previously mentioned mixed belts generally lack power and the whistle register is not controlled (something she has admitted herself). Her slightly nasal and feminine tone is also polarizing. Her diction is unpolished, leaving her lyrics incomprehensible at points (see the bridge of Break Free) due to tongue tension. Grande also over activates muscles in her jaw - mostly while singing runs - furthering this tongue tension, which in turn changes the positioning of the larynx. Intonation live has proven to be a problem at points (around 2013), and the lower register sounds unsupported in most instances. Her support is also inconsistent, ranging from around G3-C#5, above C5/C#5 she raises her larynx.


Vocal Range and Profile: Justin Bieber

Range: A2 - C#5 - F5
Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Baritone (2 octaves, 4 notes and a semitone)
Vocal Rating: C
Recommended Listenings: As Long As You Love Me, Love Yourself

Positives: A light, smoky and warm tone throughout each register.
Agile voice, capable of melismas and seamless transitions from chest voice to falsetto. A confident vocalist.

Bieber tends to use his lower register sparingly, choosing to opt for softer passages as opposed to ones that require more projection. However, he has shown the capacity to project down to B2.

As he ascends, his voice gains a much lighter and warmer texture, while still maintaining the same smoky texture seen in the lower register. Significant ease in the tenor tessitura, showing almost no effort on notes up to F4. A light head voice mix brings his chest voice up to B4 in Love Yourself.

A light, and sweet falsetto, that has been gaining endurance over time. The head voice is light with a slight feminine edge.

Negatives: Overall the voice lacks power and resonance, becoming nasally and whiny above E4. The lower register is breathy, and upper belts are also forced in some instances as well. His melismas and runs lack musicality, often breaking from what is reasonable for the music. Inconsistent intonation in live settings. Finally, his current use of (smoke) based drugs is causing his voice to lose colors and thin out.

The G#2 is way too forced and the Bb5 is not him. C3-E5

A2 - B4 - F5


Live Review: Selena Gomez - Come and Get It @ 2013 MTV Movies Awards

Selena Gomez is charming, relatively scandal free, talented actress. What she is not, is a talented vocalist. Her performance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards was sub par to say the least; it was straight up karaoke. And before someone claims that the dancing was reason for her lack luster performance, the dancing was not very rigorous at all. It would be understandable if she hit one or two bad notes with the routine, but an entire song of flat notes? Not okay.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Track By Track Review: Paramore - Paramore

Paramore makes their long-awaited comeback to the Alt-Rock world, after a 4 year album hiatus following their No.2 album Brand New Eyes. It's their first album since two founding members left the group to leave room for a trio. The set is poised for a No.1 debut on Billboard, with 110,000 copies.

Live Review: Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us @ American Idol

Okay, so if you haven't figured it out by now, I love this woman to death. The vocals, the goofball personality, the vocals. She is kind of perfect. And her performance of her sure fire hit "People Like Us" was just one example of her outrageous perfection. People Like Us isn't my favorite Kelly track, to be honest, I found it quite generic. Until this performance.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Live Review: Demi Lovato - Heart Attack

So I previously reviewed the studio version of Demi's latest single, and I liked a lot. Its been very successful, and is shaping up to be her next Top 10 hit. But this performance of the song on Jimmy Kimmel was not what the song needed.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The New Vocal Trinity

Chances are, you have heard of the legendary vocal trinity, comprised of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. But this ladies have seen their reigns fall significantly since the 90's, so who should take their places to form this generations vocal trinity? The nominees are: