Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vocal Range and Profile: Britney Spears

Range: B2 - G5(?)- Eb6 (F#6)
Vocal Type: Soubrette (3 octaves, 2 notes)
Vocal Rating: D-List
Recommended Listenings: Everytime

Instantly recognizable voice. Britney can manipulate her voice to give it different styles, while maintaining it's signature sound. Her pronunciation of words also gives her a very unique vocal styling. Very dark low notes combined with a light and airy head voice, that is sweet and pleasant. Thick mid-register belts.

Incredibly nasally voice, that gets thinner as it gets higher. Smoking has damaged her voice over the years, which is shown by her heavy reliance of auto-tune and lip-synching. She also hasn't used much of the range seen in her earlier recordings. The voice overall can be very unpleasant to the ear with its "croaky" characteristics.

The G2 is vocal fry, so it doesn't count towards her range.